I’m not ok and it’s ok

I’m not ok and it’s ok

I’m not ok and it’s ok. Monday was my mum’s 1st posthumous birthday and it’s been very rough for me, but I’m getting better, not like I have a choice in the matter. That rhymes 🙂

I took the day off and thought I was good, but on Tuesday while listening to the voicemail my nephew left on Monday asking if I was “ok as it was Grandma’s birthday” I began bawling like a baby. No, I am not ok, but I’ll get there. 

To anyone else out there who’s experiencing a first without a loved one; first – birthday; anniversary; thanksgiving, christmas, end of year etc. ((hug)) ((hug)) ((hug))

Yes, we’ll get through this, but give yourself permission to grieve – it is a process. They were and still are an integral part of you and your life. Celebrate that!!

We got this!!

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