It is Ok to Ask for Help

It is Ok to Ask for Help

I implore you, I beseech you, I earnestly plead with you not to buy into either false narrative that needing assistance signifies weakness, or that being strong means you have no need of external aid or support!!!

Neither is correct!!! As humans we are communal beings, no one is an island. We are also a sum of many intricately interwoven parts which influence one another, take our overall well-being for instance, our emotional health impacts both our mental and physical health.

Practice mindfulness, pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, and behavior and recognize your triggers. Check up on those around you, don’t assume, ask direct questions.

Reach out for help, ask for assistance if overwhelmed by responsibilities, seek professional help if you’re thinking of harming or killing yourself. In the US dial 988 for the Crisis & Suicide Lifeline, or go to the nearest ER. Research available resources wherever you are.

There is help and there is hope, don’t suffer in silence.