Heritage of the Lord: Prayers and Confessions for Your Children by Toyin Fasosin

“This book is highly recommended as a daily prayer/confession weapon knowing that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. Toyin has provided an invaluable tool for parents to help plant God’s kingdom in the lives of their children. This is not just any other book, it is one with insight. With the wealth of information that our children are exposed to, it is imperative that God’s truth be established at the early stages of their lives. We must save our children’s generation and those of generations yet unborn. Every parent should find the content of this book expedient.”PFA

“Having supplied all the great genetics that makes your children potentially terrific, What do you do to turn the potential into reality. The author has done a great job in leading us out of the dark providing parents like myself precise day by day, season by season specifics of prayer and confessions that ensure our children become truly the great children we all hope they will become. Thanks Author for this great and timeless piece. Funmi. F

“Heritage of the Lord – Prayers and Confessions for Your Children” is a must have for every parent. As a mother I sometimes find myself repeating the same prayers day in day out. This book helps me to pray with a specific focus, to apply the appropriate scripture and gives me the confessions that I speak over my daughter. Get your copy today and pray your children into their victory in every area.” FAO