A.L.I.C.E – 5 Keys to Success

A.L.I.C.E – 5 Keys to Success

I am not ok, but it’s ok. 2 years ago, my mother exited this stage called life. It’s been harder this year but I’m walking/working through it. Hugs to everyone grieving at this time. Give yourself permission and space to grieve and do the same for others. In the comments below, take as many hugs as you need & leave hugs for others. 🤗🤗

Below is a repost from last year.

My mum was one of my greatest role models; disciplined, loyal, intuitive, intelligent, a constant learner, bold, insightful, tenacious, enterprising, warm and loving. In commemoration of her life, I present 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS – using the acronym A.L.I.C.E

  • A- Align: The definition of the word Align: put (things) into correct or appropriate relative positions, come together in agreement or alliance. This implies there is a a set course or blueprint. What is your vision & mission? How far along are you?
  • L- Love: Love God, love yourself, love others. We tend to do better in the 1st & 3rd but not so well in loving ourselves. You are important and worth loving, take care of yourself- spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically & socially. Be patient with yourself, you’re a work in progress
  • I- Invest: Don’t just spend, invest don’t waste. Don’t just throw money at people or things, invest. To spend means to use up, consume; to invest means to devote one’s resources with the expectation of commensurate returns. When you spend, you consume, when you invest you get returns.
  • C- Connect: Research conducted by Matthew Lieberman at UCLA shows that being social and connecting with others is as fundamental a human need as food, shelter, and water. We are social beings, make the effort to make connections with family, friends, co-workers etc.
  • E- Explore: Don’t get stuck or stagnate, there’s more land to conquer. There’s much more out there, more to learn, more to dream, more to achieve, more to acquire. Keep pushing the boundaries, be teachable, be open.

Thanks for watching, remember these 5 keys to Success – A.L.I.C.E.

Align, Love, Invest, Connect, Explore.

Miss you Mummy!

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